Nintendo Switch Two-Way Micro USB Lighting Charging Cable Review

TYLT FLYP DUO Two-Way Micro USB Lighting Charging Cable Review

Plugging in USB cables isn’t as easy as one may think, especially when trying to access the back of your computer, trying to find the right slot for your digital camera, or lining up the cables correctly with your glove box.  Fortunately, technology has given us a solution in the form of the TYLT FLYP Micro USB Lighting Charging Cable. While many tech-savvy individuals believe something like this is a mere unneeded accessory, take a minute to read my review before making a rash decision.


The Nintendo Switch Screen Protector  is covered with flexible rubber and features a flat ribbon cable design, which allows for an easy comfortable grip. The USB port end plugs easily into your computer from either side up, hence the name FLYP. This design is actually pretty handy, especially when you’re feeling around in the dark for a slot and can’t seem to get the darn end in. The TYLT also features a lighting connection for iPhones and iPads.


The $28.95 price is definitely higher than what you would pay for other models, but the quality and user friendly features makes it worth the cost.

Top Selling Points

The TYLT FLYP DUO is easy to use and extremely handy when it comes to getting your USB cords plugged in to the right slots. While it is not exactly considered an absolute necessity, this gadget definitely gets the job done.